Teads for Publishers

Monetization solutions that respect your users and your content.

Teads is the leading monetization platform for the open web. For over 10 years, Teads has formed steadfast partnerships with the world’s largest and most prestigious publishers – comprising over 75% of the Comscore 300 editorial publishers globally.

Teads equips both publishers and advertisers with all of the tools needed for success. Starting off in video, Teads has since expanded its portfolio of ad solutions to provide a full-funnel, multi-format offering encompassing display, native and social extensions. Our core philosophy has remained constant throughout – beautiful, non-intrusive ads that bring substantial incremental revenue – placed directly in the heart of premium editorial content.

Experts in delighting readers with respectful ad experiences

Don’t monetize at the expense of your audience’s experience. Teads ads put the user first, providing a respectful, non-intrusive ad experience. Aligning with the Coalition of Better Ads standards (of which Teads is a founding member), our ads never expand, cover or block content, or remain sticky on the screen without any user interaction. Every ad is sound-off by default, and must pass our standards for brand safety & quality.

Teads empowers marketers with a suite of innovative ad-formats, optimized for the in-article experience. By giving readers the choice to engage, we keep the focus on editorial content and respect the central reason users are scrolling.

Benefit from over a decade of leadership on in-article monetization

Teads boasts a 300+ person global sales organization with agency and advertiser-direct exclusive partnerships, which we’ve fostered over the past 10 years. With the strongest reputation for both in-article and editorial content monetization, Teads is the premier global monetization partner for publishers.

All of Teads’ demand is unique – no sourcing from third-party exchanges or SSPs, and only one ads.txt entry required solely for Teads.

Actionable insights to increase monetization

Teads for Publishers includes a range of tools to help publishers optimize their properties and monetization. Traffic monitoring, real-time reporting/analytics, and troubleshooting + optimization tools (Brand Safety, IVT, User Consent) are seamlessly integrated into TFP, and incredibly easy to use.