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Teads helps Jeep connect to female buyers
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By leveraging Teads’ strategic partnership and end-to-end platform, Jeep’s optimized creative led to a 64% brand lift

Brand lift vs. benchmark of 6.9%

Background & Objective

With a focus on branding, Jeep sought to drive views and awareness of their new car, Jeep Compass, as well as measure the campaign’s brand effectiveness and the impact of an optimized creative.


Integrating key technologies in 3 different stages: beforeduring and after a campaign optimization, using Teads Creative Lab with Teads Studio, inRead format and Nielsen Brand Effect, respectively.

Teads' branding optimization

Campaign optimization taken to the next level: 360 approach that looks at before, during and after going live.

Dênis Onishi
Senior Media Manager, Grupo FCA

“The campaign’s steps were planned in a well-structured manner. By combining Nielsen’s expertise with the Creative Lab and Studio tools we now have a much broader understanding on how to maximize the results from the outstream format.”


How the findings from Creative Lab impacted the results

Teads Creative Lab found that the first 8 seconds of the ad were not attention grabbing. To maximize attraction in this moment of the video, Teads Studio added a branded skin and selected the carousel inRead format, emphasizing the product features and guaranteeing brand visibility at all times.


Running the inRead campaign with Teads, The Global Media Platform

  • inRead is a user-first ad experience, viewable-by-design and powered by premium content.
  • Teads reaches 220+ million unique users monthly across Latin America’s highest quality publishers.
  • Teads’ contextual targeting technology drives stronger ad effectiveness by increasing view-through rates by 14%.
  • Thanks to our audience segmentation technology, Jeep was able to reach their main target of men and women ages 35-49. In addition, they reached a second target of 50-69.


Branding insights from
Nielsen Brand Effect

64% brand lift when benchmark is 6.9%, becoming the most successful branding case on the Automotive vertical in Teads Brazil.

Products used

inRead is the outstream solution for brands: a user-first ad experience, viewable by design, powered by premium content.

To understand the emotional reactions of a panel using facial coding test.

To optimize existing creatives, based on Creative Lab insights.

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